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When you were a kid, did you ever dream of being a doctor? Did It come true when you grew up? If not, that's okay because I will introduce you to an exciting game called Happy Clinic, developed by Nordcurrent.


This is a hospital simulation game; in this game, you need to run your hospital, make the hospital into your ideal look, but you will also encounter various enemies. You need to upgrade your hospital, open more different consultation rooms to receive more patients, only more patients to make your hospital bigger! You need to collect more different patients, experience more unique and exciting events, and overcome difficulties. Can constantly improve the level of decoration from the miracle and expand some of the private modes of choice available. The perfect time type to manage content and various entertainment experiences can give you a stimulating experience. You also assign patients treatments or diagnostics, study samples in the lab, and engage in other exciting activities. It also means that you face dozens of serious challenges, as do the other hospitals worldwide, where the equipment is as unique. You also need to eliminate the cause of illness for the sick and wounded to restore their health. You will help Holly transition from an intern to a prestigious hospital and use her diploma to secure her future. You allow your doctor to treat various diseases, prepare medicines and tools, and assign patients for treatment or diagnosis in the game, including studying samples in the lab and engaging in other exciting activities. You're going to do your job, and you're going to do your job, and you're going to make sure the patient gets the best care. Each patient will be assigned a doctor or clinic, and if necessary, you may be called in to assist them! Doesn't that sound real? If you are tempted, don't hesitate to download it!

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