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Do you like nice clothes and shoes? What do you think of fashion? If you let you match, do you have the confidence to reach beautiful and unique? The game I would recommend for You is called Fashion Universe, developed by Voodoo.


The game provides clothing, shoes, hats, accessories, and many other trendy items you sell. You will be a tallyman, cashier, manager, and many different identities in one, carry out the store's operation, actively expand business projects, hire employees to explore the market, and create the world's best fashion shops. As a popular action simulation business game, for players to provide a hands-on opportunity, in the game more realistic experience of the details of the work of the content. Compared with the placement of simulated tournaments, the addition of action games can effectively avoid players in the order of the tedious waiting process and with the help of coherent settings to let players in, unable to extricate themselves. The game is fun to play, with hands-on activities ranging from picking up and sorting clothes and other items to collecting cash at the cash register, opening new shelf extensions and even hiring employees to improve efficiency. From hard work at the start-up to deep management, you'll be part of the rise of a rising star and reap hard-to-value assets in the world of gaming. The picture of the game is simple but very delicate. Although it can not be compared with a massive game, the game itself has significant advantages in using color, the proportion of characters and the details of objects. The richness of detail and the smoothness of the experience is enough to give the player a moment of relaxation. From a practical point of view, Fashion Universe has been optimized and experimented with as a game for female users. You'll see the plain T-shirt here, high-heeled shoes, perfume and many other female supplies, a complete range of impressive. Actual scale character modeling also lets the player that habitually criticizes matchstick person modeling shut up. But for those who find the game simple, artsy, and unplayable, this super casual game is enough for the people who have experienced it and love it.

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