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Disney Frozen Free Fall Games is a match-3 game published by Jam City, Inc. Players need to match 3 vertical or horizontal crystals of the same color to make them disappear. Matching crystals will give the player points for pointing towards the level goal. Rewards will be given when players match more than 3. This makes it easier for the player to complete the objective, and certain levels change the player's objective.


The game's story is like the movie Frozen, and that's one of the appeals of the game, especially for fans of the movie. The game begins with sisters Elsa and Anna, where players are given the task of completing a match-3 game to take over the kingdom of Arendelle. Players need to match three or more crystals of the same color to achieve a set score or clear the board. When players match four or five crystals, some props are created that are beneficial for winning.


In Disney Frozen Free Fall, new level objectives become increasingly difficult as players progress through levels. The player will have 5 lives. Once the player runs out of it will wait a period to regenerate life. Alternatively, players can spend real money to quickly restore life and return to the game. Likewise, players can spend real money to buy items if they want to make the level easier. But compared to props, what is more, worth buying is life, which is the snowball in the game.


Disney Frozen Free Fall has some movie-related graphics and music in the background, and the game also includes small characters from various movies that appear in the game as assistants. In addition, players can also experience the taste of Frozen by purchasing tools. So it's a game base similar to most match 3 games, but for Frozen fans, it's a little game not to be missed. At least it looks attractive.


Overall, as a match-3 game, its design doesn't stand out, and it doesn't change the familiar formula, but the quality of the game is good, plus it infuses Frozen with originality and wonder. Therefore, Disney Frozen Free Fall is suitable for players who love match-3 games and love the style of Frozen.

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