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Matchington Mansion is a match-3 game published by Magic Tavern, Inc. The game starts with a mansion. Players will take on the role of interior designers in affluent neighborhoods. In the game, players will be given keys to a temporarily uninhabited mansion. But when they get to the mansion, everything here is ruined. More than 100 million, players need to repair and refurbish. Then, this match-3 puzzle game officially begins.


The player's mission and objective in the game are to restore the house and restore it to its former glory by winning a match-3 game. The game has different levels of puzzles to complete. Players need to match 3 candies and complete the objective, but they must be careful about the rest of the action. Because players only have a limited amount of life, they can run out of life at any time. If the player's life is exhausted, the game is over. Also, players need to be mentally prepared that they may struggle to complete these levels and may even take multiple attempts to win. If the player wins, they will receive stars. Players can then use the stars to buy furniture for mansion renovations, such as replacing sofas and beds. The sense of accomplishment from winning and the satisfaction of buying new furniture can be a lot of fun for players.


Overall, Matchington Mansion is an excellent puzzle game. The entire environment and even the characters are in full 3D. This 3D technology enhances the main game world art style and graphics. The animation of the game also benefits from its 3D technology, such as the transition, physics, matchmaking, and chain reaction process when the player experiences the game, it will create smooth operation movements, and at the same time, the game will be presented in a state of coexistence of static and dynamic. That's the beauty and uniqueness of Matchington Mansion. In addition, Matchington Mansion is a game that can be downloaded for free without spending any money. If the player is a match-3 game lover and wants to play games related to the theme of home decor, then Matchington Mansion is worth downloading. Here, players will forget about boredom and exhaustion. So, download it now. Come to Matchington Mansion to play match 3 games and help the game's characters redecorate the mansion.

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