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Matchington Mansion is a puzzle match-3 game with a home decor adventure theme. It's great for kids to play with. Here your kids can play match 3 games and house decoration. And the game is much simpler. The puzzles are not that difficult, and it is easy for children to learn. Like most match-3 games, the game is set to have 5 lives, and if your kids run out of lives, the game will refill them every 13 minutes. If kids desperately need lives, they can always buy them with your coins, but earning coins will take a while unless parents make in-app purchases for their kids.


The game is based on the recent death of best-selling author friend Jane Houston. She leaves her mansion to the protagonist. Players will encounter nearly 30 colorful characters as they clear old chests and restore the mansion to its former glory. Like Tiffany, the game's protagonist's best friend and interior designer.


In the match-3 game, kids need to match three mats to clear them. Children are required to complete the game's designated goals with a limited number of moves. Children have five hit points. One hit point disappears each time the kids don't complete a goal within the allowed number of moves. Also, kids earn stars when they complete the puzzles. It can be used to complete quests in the in-game journal. These tasks help children advance the story and learn more about the truth.


Overall, the game is excellent. Children will be relaxed in the game and can play at their own pace. If your kids love to play match-3 games and home decorating games, Matchington Mansion is a free game they'll be interested in because it offers both. The game is simple but very challenging because the children will only have a limited number of moves. If you want to see what a mansion looks like for kids, download it now for them.

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