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Fishdom is a mini-game published by Playrix. It is a fun logic game. Players can decorate your aquarium by solving colorful puzzles. In Fishdom, players can add a variety of fish and decorations to decorate their own aquarium. They can then be added for sale.


If the player wants to get a fish or cosmetic item, the player must buy the item with coins obtained by completing the quest in the lower right corner of the screen. The player's task in the game is to match various groups of fish to form combinations of three or more. The player needs to remove the fish by clicking on them before running out of action and being unable to move anymore. The player's goal is to match as many fish together as possible and clear the board by matching fish to create groups of three or more.


In Fishdom, players can buy different types of fish and let them roam freely around your facility. Players can also get decorative elements to dress up the aquarium. The value of the fish that players buy in the game is different, so to make your aquarium more beautiful, you need to continuously achieve game goals and win rewards.


Also, Fishdom's graphics are pretty good. Its graphics are lovely. The animation of the fish itself in the game is beautiful. They are colorful and beautifully designed. The fish tank and background are also very realistic. In terms of sound, the game feels very quiet, which is very suitable for soothing the player's emotions. The game operation is simple. Its controls are easy to learn. The gameplay is fun, and the players are addicted. Players can also choose to play against opponents in the game.


Overall, Fishdom is a very fun and beautiful match-3 game. Players should not miss this creative aquarium. It will bring you a whole new gaming experience.

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