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Fishdom is a puzzle game released by Playrix on March 2, 2016. It is a match 3 puzzle app with multiple levels. It supports Android and iOS mobile phone systems. It's a game for you and your kids to play together. Here, Fishdom creates a beautiful underwater world for your children. The game is also full of unlockable extras to make it even more fun.


Fishdom's gameplay consists of scoring points and earning in-game currency, while kids need to slide and match items by shape and color. This requires your children to have spatial awareness, problem solving and fine motor skills. Maybe it's a good exercise for the kids' minds.


In Fishdom, you and the kids need to solve puzzles and earn coins to build and decorate a virtual aquarium. Using in-game currency, kids can purchase different kinds of fish and decorations to decorate their aquariums, while also making the environment more comfortable for their pet fish. If the child fills up all the meters that measure progress, the game will unlock one of the trophies. Trophies are available in bronze, silver, or gold. In addition, kids can use the coins they earn in the game to further decorate their aquarium with items purchased from the shopping cart. Creative content will be very interesting to children.


Since Fishdom requires access to the player's personal information to start, it also encourages Facebook sharing, and players may need to make in-app purchases with real money and in-game currency to progress in this game, so it is recommended that children under the age of 14 be in parental guidance and play together with the company. Children 14 years and older can play the game independently, but at the same time parents should pay attention to online interactions.


Overall, Fishdom is a great mobile game, the controls are very optimized and easy to use, and the graphics are very good. If you're looking for a clever and fun match-3 game for your kids, I highly recommend this game. Fishdom has hundreds of these levels, but the many surprises make it more than just a typical match-3 game. It will create a fun, enjoyable experience for you enough to get anyone hooked.

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