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Are you good at designing this thing? What about interior design? Do you have any ideas about such decorations or details? I want to introduce you to an exciting game, and you can quickly feel the joy of being a designer. The game, Design Home: Real Home Decor, was developed by Crowdstar Inc.


Are you interested in interior design? Design a unique space, and let the tenants appreciate your design style and your design ability. You can design beautiful rooms in the game to simulate your actual house, and the high-end luxury furniture will be displayed here, bringing together brands like Roche Bois, Kartell, Baker. You're free to use them to decorate your mansion. Vote for your favorite room from a vibrant creative community. Relax and express your creativity in everyday design challenges. Unlock the rewards, take advantage of them, and show off your excellent abilities as an interior decorator. You can rotate each angle in four positions, customizing the floor and wallpaper. Expand your house and have more rooms. Design the home of your dreams in the best way, and if you want to build the home of your dreams, don't forget to play games regularly and add value to your home with new items and rent in time. Not just the living room, but the design of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, study, and more with many stylish furnished rooms. Design Home is a fascinating business construction tour; in the game, you will give full play to your imagination; design the room's heart. All kinds of materials are also in the game, and the key is your idea is good enough. So, the bottom line is that the game is simple to play, and you can use your imagination and creativity in your work. Feel free to do whatever you want, and it's easy to do all sorts of things with your designs. Classic simulation design game, a variety of high-end furniture and decoration, choose you like style for decoration. Don't hesitate to download it!

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