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Design Home: Dream Makeover is a game about interior design published by Crowdstar Inc. It lets players design rooms using virtual furniture from around 50 well-known furniture brands. The game also includes links to these brand websites in case you want to consider buying furniture for your real home.


Design Home: Dream Makeover works by completing challenges. The challenge involves putting furniture into the room. The player needs to place the required furniture. Players can filter items by color, brand, style, and pattern, making it easier to find what you need. What sets it apart from many other home design games is that players don't have to choose wall colors, etc. Usually, they are rooms in a house, but sometimes they can be in places like a TV studio or hotel lobby. The player selects and places the desired furniture and decorations in the space provided. This is very fun and useful. In the end, the outcome of the challenge is decided by other gamers who vote on the design. If players score four stars or higher, they will win a piece of virtual furniture to use in future challenges. Also, it may take several days for players to get the results of the challenge.


Design Home: Dream Makeover offers a series of interconnected challenges from time to time. But these series also require $1,000 in in-game cash to enter, so if you can afford the special requirements, it's worth attending. The game also occasionally offers special challenges that require paying some diamonds in addition to cash. These challenges often have very specific requirements and may involve you needing to buy a lot of furniture.


Design Home: Dream Makeover is a great way to test interior design ideas and can be very interesting for budding interior designers. It also helps gamers who love home ideas move furniture or pay for it without having to see how they work. Therefore, Design Home: Dream Makeover is definitely a good choice for players who like home decorating, or who want to be inspired and try to learn more about home knowledge and skills in it.

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