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Toon Blast is a very interesting puzzle game released by Peak. The game takes players into a chaotic and ever-growing world of click-and-blast puzzle games. There the player needs to keep track of the combination of elements and colors. Toon Blast is a very rich game. It is visually colorful and luxurious in shape. It is suitable for people of all ages. Players can also play with your friends.


In Toon Blast, players must learn how to join a team or how to create a team. The game will take the player directly into the game. It has absolutely no background whatsoever. Its game mechanics are simple. Each level of Toon Blast has a specific goal. The player needs to go through several actions to accomplish this goal. The goal of each stage of the game is different, for example, the player will burst a certain number of crates or balloons or pop all the bubbles. As new features are introduced, everything changes as the game progresses. In the game, when two or more colored blocks are next to each other, they can be broken, causing more blocks to fall from the top. When a certain number of colored blocks are put together, they may generate rockets, bombs, or disco balls. In addition, Toon Blast has many other interesting props for players to use.


Toon Blast has a simple minimalist user interface. Players will feel very relaxed and comfortable while gaming. Its colorful and captivating visuals, combined with a soundtrack reminiscent of old-school cartoons, make it a great puzzle game.


While it's a free-to-download and play game, there are in-app purchases. For example, the player starts with a total of 5 lives, and when they run out, the player can wait 15-20 minutes to gain another life or pay 100 coins to refill them. Buying in-game coins requires players to spend real money. But overall, Toon Blast is a decent mobile game. Even its fun will make players a little addicted. I recommend players who like puzzle games to download and try it.

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