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Toon Blast is a 3D match-3 game with cartoon-style graphics released by Peak Games. As a puzzle game, it's great for kids. The game objective of Toon Blast is simple. Your kids need to match at least three balls of the same color in a row. Children can also play with four balls in a square and five or more balls in a row. To win a level, kids must destroy a target number of blocks.


In the game, kids need to overcome various types of obstacles through maze-like puzzles to reach the end. Its gameplay is very similar to many match-3 games. Children will travel through maze-like puzzles, with various obstacles to overcome to reach the end. Your children must match three or more balls of the same type together. When children get three or more matches, the matching balls disappear and are replaced by new balls.


Toon Blast's graphic design is fun and bright for kids to play with. It has a simple minimalist user interface and colorful and captivating visuals. Toon Blast graphics are simple and cartoony and set the mood of the game. He looks very colorful. Children will feel very relaxed and comfortable while playing.


A nice element of Toon Blast is the in-game music. Its soundtrack features an old-fashioned cartoon soundtrack that will appeal to kids as well as provide great satisfaction for players who appreciate the nostalgia. Another advantage of Toon Blast is that it works well on a variety of devices. Whether it's a phone or tablet, as long as the device can run the game, your kids won't experience any performance issues.


Overall, as a match-3 game, Toon Blast is well made. It's very playable. As a family game, it would be a good choice. Toon Blast has many different puzzles to solve, and the levels are not too difficult to play. It's a simple and fun game that you should download for your kids.

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