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Are you sensitive to color combinations? What do you like about the color scheme? What style would you want if you were given a premise home? It's okay if you don't have an idea for a while, but the game I'm going to introduce you to can give you some inspiration. The game is called Redecor-Home Design Game and was developed by Reworks Ltd.


Redecor is a simulated decoration theme for Creative Leisure Free Hand Tour. Players in the game will play a decoration designer, play their creativity in the production of exquisite design lifelike space. The different colors, styles of color, and collocation patterns present the astonishing design effect; the higher reduction lets me once think that this is a decoration auxiliary software. The community features included in the game allow you to vote on the design and share your thoughts. This is a complete look like a decoration assistance software well-made color theme simulation experience freehand tour. Unlike the usual coloring game, this well-made game will decorate and fill the perfect combination together. Each level is a vacancy waiting for the decoration room; the home is complete and complete, but the color is straightforward. Players to do is to set the house with a suitable color and texture, create their design concept, presents a distinctive personalized design style. The game also uses the method of the coloring game; each piece of furniture in the level can choose a lot of different colors and textures. The player only has to select the designated position in the game to provide a variety of choices. Find the one that suits you best. All the materials in the game cost gold coins to buy, and when the players match the design of the level, they will receive comments from other users in the community. A higher score will allow the players to earn more gold coins after the renovation process to buy a more colorful variety of materials. The game screen is exquisite excellent; the game of every detail is superb lifelike, whether it is the bathroom mirror or washbasin, even all kinds of cabinets also let players see physical photos. In addition to beautiful natural props, the game lighting effect is also very realistic, and you can see to create real-world scenes, developers pay a great deal of effort into the game screen.

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