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Redcor - Home Design Makeover is a casual design game released by Reworks Ltd on June 20, 2019. Players will enter the game as a designer to carry out interior decoration work. According to the original design style and regulations of the house, the design scheme, Come up with the best-looking house interior floor plans.


This is a home design game that players can use as a starting point to improve their interior design skills. In Redor - Home Design Makeover, there are 2-3 interior design challenges every day for players to complete within 24 hours. For these challenges, players usually need to follow some small requirements, such as including stone tables, floral rugs, etc. Additionally, players will be challenged with a design duel with another player to see if you can create a better design than them.


A lot of players will love this game because many design games have a similar graphic style, a bit cartoony, so it might be a good fit for your kids. Redecor also has more realistic graphics, this cartoony and realistic feel will make children more engaged in the game. Since the game has a competitive element, it also helps to satisfy a child's competitive nature through light challenges. Kids can play for as long as possible without spending on in-app purchases to get ahead of the rest. Your child must spend in-game cash on decorations, although it's hard to use them up. As a parent, you can see that this game has a low maintenance cost for kids' time as the challenge is only 5 minutes. This allows children to relax and be happy without letting them indulge and waste time. So, to a certain extent, the challenge of the game is enough to satisfy the child without worrying the parents too much, and at the same time, you and your child can enjoy this meaningful joy together.


I highly recommend parents to download this fun game for your kids to exercise their creativity and understand home design. Redecor is safe for your kids to play, but parents want to make sure there are in-app purchase restrictions on your kids' devices. Avoid unnecessary extra expenses.

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