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Design My Home: Makeover Games is a home makeover casual game released by Holy Cow Studio. Players have many goals in the game, including designing, decorating, creating, remodeling, flipping, repairing, merging, renovating, and restoring houses. In addition, there are fun word puzzles here. If you want to be the best home designer in the game, then you don't want to miss this Design My Home.


Players need to face different customers, and decide, master, design, and decorate their homes for their clients to transform their homes and turn their dreams into reality. Players can work with different types of client personalities, such as characters' brothers, celebrities, newlyweds, and more. Build them the most incredible interior looks.


The crossword puzzle in the game will help the player to get a higher score, which will benefit the player a lot. Players solve crossword puzzles and experience brain-challenging fun in the most addicting word search game, developing your interior design skills while expanding your vocabulary.


Design My Home: Makeover Games is a free and offline home decorating game. There are a large number of simulated houses in the game for players to build. For example, a living room suitable for a family, a modern kitchen, or the decoration of a building or a floor. Here you can learn a lot of furniture styles and become a real professional decorator, complete the challenges of customers, and win your own rewards. Players in the game can unlock rewards to get more and more design-enhancing things to impress your customers. For beginners or home improvement enthusiasts who want to become designers, they can try and learn here. I believe that you will gain happiness from here and gain a lot of meaningful things. The game can be obtained from Google Play or App Store. Do not hesitate. Download it now.

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