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Design My Home: Makeover Games is a free home decorating game. This open-ended puzzle game is perfect for kids. Kids need to help clients decide, master, design, and decorate their homes. The various styles of construction in the game can be mastered by children, and the game allows children to control a large number of simulated houses in the game.


Design My Home: Makeover Games has a wide variety of high-end designer furniture, lighting, flooring, and more to choose from. The kids needed to adjust the wall color, floor, and furniture placement to coordinate the ambiance through the client's blueprint. This is a space for children to develop their own house design imagination and aesthetics. They are free to customize every piece of their furniture. This is very interesting.


Design My Home: Makeover Games also has exciting crossword levels. Kids can also take a free word test while designing the world to play. Children improve their spelling, vocabulary, and word skills while enjoying word search, word scramble, anagrams, and crosswords. In this way, your children can train their vocabulary and thinking skills while exercising their own space design and aesthetics. Kids will solve crossword puzzles and experience brain-challenging fun in the most addicting word search game. This is the best game for kids.


Overall, Design My Home: Makeover Games is a great game for kids. If you want your child to always want to be an interior designer, then you should let your child try this game. The game will allow your child to learn a lot about designing furniture while having fun. Trust me, it will surprise you and your kids. Do not hesitate. Download it now. Let your kids start helping many clients and families restore, renovate their dilapidated cottages, help others realize their dream houses, mansions, and homes, and make them happy in the game.

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