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My Talking Tom Friends is a virtual cat game released by fitness7 Limited. In this game, players can not only play with Tom but now also with his friends. Here, all the characters from the Tom Cat franchise that players love move into new homes and get together. Players' quests help them settle in a new place and decorate their new home with various toys. Players need to let each kitten choose what they like. For example, some kittens like to sing, while others like to exercise or eat. My Talking Tom Friends is the latest game in the series. It is very different from the original Tom cat that imitated human speech. The game is more inclined to the interactive development of virtual pets.


My Talking Tom Friends is simple to operate. The game is designed for very detailed, realistic gameplay. Players can easily master the operation of the game. Players can not only interact with cute kittens but also a variety of rich mini-games in the game. This can give players a fun and relaxing experience. It can be said that My Talking Tom Friends has been endowed with a brand-new gaming experience. Its realistic gameplay seems to give Tom the cat fresh life. I believe players will like this game very much.


My Talking Tom Friends is of high quality. Its picture is realistic and beautiful. The game interface has bright colors, cute character modeling, a real game environment, and interesting player interaction effects. Its intimate dynamic effects and various delicate scenes bring players a relaxed and pleasant visual experience and add more fun.


My Talking Tom Friends is a very cute game. Players can talk to them, play outdoors, and do lots of fun things together. The game offers good 3D graphics and simple gameplay. If you like casual games don't hesitate to download this high-quality, My Talking Tom Friends. It won't let you down.

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