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My Talking Tom Friends is a cat-themed virtual pet casual game released globally on June 11, 2020, by the famous game company, Outfit7 Limited. This is a Tom Cat series game that is very suitable for children. It will not be unfamiliar to children who are fans of the Tom Cat series. Your child will have a cute cat in the game. The task of the children is to take care of his daily life and play games with him. Your kids and Tom will have all kinds of fun while interacting with it. My Talking Tom Friends is a series of works in the Talking Tom series. The appearance of the game is restored to its original shape, but it has been greatly improved in many aspects. Here your child will find their own virtual pet.


In the game, every virtual kitten needs a place to relax and play. Your kids can take them out to play or follow pets around the room. Kids will need to patronize six adorable pets. It may not be so easy for your child, but this is the time to exercise your child's patience and love. Because, the kids help the kittens feed, bathe, change and have fun together.


Travel around the city by bus. They and Angela collect gifts, paint, and grow vegetables along the way. At night, when everyone wants to sleep, they need to find a place for everyone. Otherwise, your friends won't be able to rest and gain strength to play and have fun with you the next day. Therefore, their health and energy levels must be tracked. rather than making them feel bad.


There will be a series of mini-games in My Talking Tom Friend. Each mini-game will not only entertain the kids but also improve the skills of these adorable kittens. Kids can have fun with each character. Kids can play football, ride a skateboard, play guitar, grow vegetables, sing songs, and more with them. Children can receive prizes and prizes after the game is over. They can be used to decorate venues or to buy stylish clothing and accessories for these adorable kittens.


Overall, My Talking Tom Friend is great for kids. A fun game. The operation of the game is simple and easy for children to use. The game meets the fun of keeping pets for children. The diverse selection of cats here allows children to have the best gaming experience. If your child is a big fan of Tom cat series games or likes to keep cute animals, then please don't miss this excellent game easily.

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