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Happy Makeover: Zen Match is a makeover game from Smart Fun Casual Games, a full-featured designer game. Players can remodel their homes in a variety of styles. In the game, players initially demonstrate their talents and abilities through a tiny house project. Players need to design the interior of the house and then choose the right furniture to create their unique style. At the end of the game's project, the player receives a new design contract, while they pay attention to the homeowner's requirements and need to design for them according to the homeowner's style. After completing the mission, players will be rewarded with unlocking new houses.


In Happy Makeover, players win Happy Makeover: Zen Match primarily through a match-3 game. The principle of the match-3 game is simple. It requires blowing up blocks by combining three or more identical blocks. While the principles and gameplay are the same as most match-3 games, Happy Makeover features new graphics never seen in other match-3 games. For each level in the game, not only the difficulty and the puzzles are constantly changing, but the graphics of the building blocks in the game are also comprehensively changed.


The graphics of Happy Makeover will give players an excellent and unique experience. The graphics of the game are designed to be presented to the player as realistically as possible, giving them a better experience and realism when playing the game. When in the game, players may think they are looking at photos of buildings. That's one of the charms of the game.


Overall, Happy Makeover: Zen Match is a very challenging game. Its refurbishment plans will keep players excited. Under the excellent game interface, players can exercise their brains, especially creativity and space design. I believe players will love this game of designing an old house into a luxurious decoration. Another great thing about this game is that players can play it anytime. It simply requires players to download and install a copy of the game on their Android and iOS-enabled smartphones. Do not hesitate and download it now to experience it.

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