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The Game of Life is published by Marmalade Game Studio. In The Game of Life, players need to go through different life stages to make money, buy a house, start a family, retire rich and happy. Gameplay is the same as the original board game. Players must spin the turntable to move the pieces around the board and receive rewards or penalties depending on where they land.


The Game of Life takes players into real-life scenarios, from choosing a college and career, to getting married and having children. Progressing along the board, players will see themselves meandering through lucky and unfortunate times, while players can also choose different directions for unique results. In the end, the winner is the one who accumulates the most wealth through retirement.


In The Game of Life, players are first prompted to enter their age, and players 13 and older are prompted to connect the app to their Facebook account. Players can then choose one of the following game types: Solo, Pass 'n' Play, and Party Mode. After selecting a game mode, players can choose the color of their car, choose an avatar, and choose how many players you want to play against. While The Game of Life app offers the opportunity to play with family members as well as strangers, players cannot interact or exchange personal information because the chat feature in the app only allows players to post emojis.


When the game officially begins, the screen will prompt players to spin or tap to choose when options are offered, such as career or college and the type of starter home they wish to buy. Once rotated, players will watch your journey in first-person view. Game of Life's 3D visuals are well done and help enliven the board and gameplay. Its soundtrack and soundscape are also excellent.


Overall, Game of Life is a very fun and relaxing game. Although the controls of this game are very simple, the content is very rich. The controls are very optimized and easy to use, the graphics are excellent, and the GUI is free of any flaws. Games are great. If you're looking for a board game of life, I highly recommend Game of Life. It takes the tried-and-true gameplay that the genre has been known for for a long time. Players progress on the board, earn money and participate in other family or work-related activities in order to retire at the end of your life, rich and happy.

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