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For anyone who's played board games, you've heard of The Game of Life. Players in this game need to go through different life stages to earn money, buy a house, start a family, and retire rich and happy. With the release of The Game of Life for iOS and Android from Marmalade Game Studio, players have access to this classic board game at their fingertips. The Game of Life gameplay is the same as the original board game. Players must spin the turntable to move the pieces around the board and receive rewards or penalties depending on where they land. As mentioned, the player's goal is to progress on the board, earn money and participate in other family or work-related activities to retire at the end of your life, hopefully rich and happy.


The Game of Life is suitable for players of all ages and costs $2.99 to download with additional in-app purchases. The Game of Life app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. The Game of Life is great for the whole family to play together. The Game of Life brings you and your kids into real-life scenarios, from choosing a college and career, to getting married, having kids, buying a house, and paying taxes. Going along the board, you'll see your child meander through lucky and unfortunate times, while they can also choose to go in different directions for unique outcomes. In the end, the winner is the one who accumulates the most wealth through retirement. The Game of Life is a premium game for teaching young children about bills, family responsibilities, and the impact of major decisions on their personal financial lives.


When you and your kids start The Game of Life, they'll be prompted to enter their age, and players 13 and older will be prompted to connect the app to their Facebook account. You then choose one of the following game types: Solo, Pass 'n' Play, and Party Mode. Once the game mode is selected, you can choose the color of their car, choose your and your child's respective avatars, and choose how many players you want to play against. Additionally, while The Game of Life app offers opportunities to play with family members, as well as with strangers, players cannot interact or exchange personal information, as the chat feature in the app only allows players to post emojis. Once you and your child start playing, the screen will prompt them to rotate or tap to choose when options are offered, such as career or college and the type of starter home they wish to buy. Once rotated, you watch their journey in first-person, almost 3D from the perspective. The Game of Life's 3D visuals are well done and help enliven the board and gameplay. It also sounds good.


The Game of Life automatically collects dues and payments. Its in-app purchases come in the form of texture packs, and you can pay $3.99 to change the theme of its digital gamepad to one of the following: Winter Wonderland, Halloween, Birthday Party, Enchanted Valley, Spring, Safari, and Summer beach party. For a one-time purchase of $19.99, you have the option to purchase the Season Pass, which unlocks all the different board themes for them to choose from to play. With The Game of Life app, the only things parents need to be aware of are in-app purchases and the fact that players over the age of 13 can access Facebook through the app. Overall, The Game of Life is safe for kids. It's a fun but time-consuming and educational game with great graphics from which your kids can learn about the life process.

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