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I'm not sure how I was lucky enough to find Terraria but I am so glad I did. Why!? Well, it's a masterpiece, it has hours of content, great bosses, beautiful graphics, calming and exciting music, and so on. Neither too easy nor too difficult this game! If you feel that it is too easy just play on a harder difficulty because there are 4 of them: normal, hard, very hard, and expert. Even on "Normal" difficulty, you can defeat an amazing variety of items and enemies. Just exploring will take up several hours of your time!


On top of that player, customization can be done by letting you use different clothes which grant buffs such as speed up, double jump, digging faster, and so on; you don't want to turn into an overpowered character. Armor can also be used for this purpose. Unique tools can be found in different places (rare drops from enemies) or crafted in the various crafting tables across the world. Some can be found, others have to be crafted.


The amazing build design of Terraria makes it even more fun to explore. The ability to place platforms and stairs helps you build the way you want and in a limited space without getting the game into an unplayable mess. The bosses are another great part of the game. The music is calming and exciting at the same time. It is a great and fun way to play Terraria. You will have to defeat 50 snowmen in the course of the event with your fists, sword, or bow. You also have to bring back 10 snowmen heads as proof of your victory, but don't worry! It's easier than it sounds because each snowman has a unique weapon with which they are more than happy to die!!!!

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