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Fruit Ninja Classic is a simple but addictive Arcade game published by Halfbrick Studios. Players slice the fruit by swiping their fingers across the device's screen while throwing the fruit. In the game, players can choose the challenge level. Players must escape bombs while shooting in classic and arcade modes. Also, there are no bombs in Zen mode.


Fruit Ninja Classic includes four game modes. The first is the classic mode. Players can play even if they lose three fruits. Hitting the bomb in classic mode is also deadly. The second is Zen mode. Players can play for 90 seconds without bombs. There is also an arcade mode. Arcade mode only has a 60-second time limit but adds two bonus points. Bombs also return in arcade mode, but they are not lethal, but they affect the player's score and remove any bonuses earned. Lastly is the multiplayer mode. Players can compete with friends to see who can cut the most fruit with the same device.


In Fruit Ninja Classic, a beautifully rendered fruit is thrown into the air in front of the player. The player hits it to cut it before it hits the ground. This is the perfect way to unleash the player's attacks. Players will find that when you hesitate, the fruit flies. When you're cutting frantically, you might stop suddenly when you see a bomb thrown into the mix. This is a test of the player's mentality and skills, so it's very interesting. Also, this keeps players playing and trying to beat your previous score every time another player uses the leaderboard. Fruit Ninja Classic has many game features. First, it has an easy-to-use control panel. This will make players feel comfortable. Second, the player can slice the fruit to get a higher score. Third, in the game, sharp bombs can quickly end the game. Fourth, there are different game modes for players to choose from. Players can play multiplayer games with others on the device or through Game Center.


The music and graphics of Fruit Ninja Classic are well done. The game is full of interesting animations, which is an important reason why many people like it. Operationally, the game is fast and easy to master. It has the same tactile and swipes simplicity that anyone else who loves it enjoys quickly. Games have their own specific style. Even though players don't think it's a natural fruit, each one looks very juicy. Players can earn achievements that unlock new backgrounds and new swords and can also track these achievements and compare their results.


All in all, Fruit Ninja Classic is a great game so far. It's free to play and has multiple characters, game modes, and items. I highly recommend players to download and try.

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