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Fruit Ninja Classic is a simple yet challenging casual game released by Half Brick Studios on April 2, 2021, Fruit Ninja Classic just requires players to swipe on the screen to dismember fruit pieces thrown in your general direction. Players can only miss 3 fruits before the game ends. But cutting a randomly thrown bomb will result in an instant game over.


In fact, it's so simple that it's perfect for your kids. Children cut fruit by swiping their fingers across the device's screen while tossing the fruit. In some cases, kids can choose a challenge level. Kids must escape bombs while shooting in classic and arcade modes. There are no bombs in Zen mode. Plus, kids can play multiplayer games with others on the device or through Game Center. Kids can also earn achievements that unlock new backgrounds and new swords. You can also track your child's achievements and compare your results.


Fruit Ninja Classic is a great game so far. It's free to play and has multiple characters, game modes, and items. Its entire gameplay is also well put together, and the sliding mechanics are surprisingly satisfying. However, the biggest feature of this game is the rapid increase in difficulty. Before long, your child may need quick reflexes to keep playing.


As a parent, you can rest assured that the player's finger is the sword in the game, but you'll never see the actual weapon in the game. Mangoes, bananas, and apples are sliced but nothing else. The only thing dripping here is juice. The bombs are the only violent graphics in the game, and their explosions are very abstract. Perhaps most concerning is that the game's connection to the Open Feint network allows children to join and exchange information with other members. If your kids are teens, don't subscribe to Open Feint.

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