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If you are a fan of the Tom Cat game series, then you will love this Talking Tom Hero Dash. It is an endless running game published by Outfit7 Limited. Players need to play as Tom and try to save his friend from the raccoon. Players will chase the boss by controlling the running of the hero Tom cat, in the process, players need to overcome various obstacles, and finally defeat the hateful raccoon at the end. But it's important for players to remember to collect all the gold coins on the go. Meanwhile, if the player encounters a raccoon and chooses to fight him, then the player will be rewarded with additional coins. Additionally, players can unlock new characters like Talking Angela and Hank by fighting raccoons. This will be a wonderful experience for players, especially fans of the Tom Cat series.


The storyline of Talking Tom Hero Dash is simple, a group of raccoons tries to destroy the beautiful world, and the player must play hero Tom to stop them. The game is not only to keep running to collect gold coins but also to fight raccoons, but players can easily win in the game fighting raccoons. Therefore, players will easily gain a sense of achievement.


Players will have some unique superpowers in the game. Players can use them while running in the game to help you get gold and find raccoon bosses. In this game, players can jump between rooftops, swing on cranes, and run along cruise ships to save their mates. The developers of the game have done a great job with the animation. The player's character not only runs, but also sprints, swings, and performs various actions. Players also have different effects when using powerups. This makes players feel very exciting and interesting. After winning, players can also unlock new characters, unlock cool outfits, and customize their cute game characters.


The graphics of Talking Tom Hero Dash are excellent. It has bright and crisp colors. In addition, it has rich settings. Players will see different backgrounds, including various skyscrapers, streets, seasides, and typical villages. These details add fun to the game, and players won't get bored because it's not a difficult game. Talking Tom Hero Dash can provide a new experience of parkour game for parkour gamers. It supports iOS and Android systems. Players do not hesitate. Download it now.

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