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Talking Tom Hero Dash is an endless running action game published by Outfit7 Limited. It is suitable for people of all ages. I believe many children will love this action-rich, superhero-themed parkour game. Your kids will have a great adventure with our lovely friend Tom the cat. He will guide children to run around the world. In the game, children will see themselves running between skyscrapers, seaside, and villages with typical Chinese characteristics. It's cool. The goal of the kids is to avoid obstacles and collect coins and go as far as possible. But unlike ordinary parkour games, in Talking Tom Hero Dash, children will also fight bosses such as raccoons along the way.


New characters have been added to the game. Like any legendary superhero team, each member has their own unique skills and personality, starting with Tom. He was a courageous and committed leader who made his children feel valiant and incredibly powerful. Then there was Angela, the fastest runner. She is characterized by very good eyesight. Then there's Hank, who's a comedian and has all sorts of fun gadgets in his bottomless backpack. The fourth is Ben. He is the smartest and will often use his technical knowledge to create amazing gadgets. And finally, Ginger. It has cool stealth and hoverboard skills. This makes him an invaluable member of the team. All five heroes in the game have unique powers and outfits. Their mission is to work together to be the ultimate defender of the planet. But in Talking Tom Hero Dash, one of the companions is kidnapped by a raccoon. So, Tom sets out to find and rescue his friend. The children's play begins with this storyline.


The nasty raccoon has not only kidnapped Tom's buddies but has been destroying some of the most famous places in the world. The children's task in the game is to get gold coins by running, and then find each boss. The kids finally need to beat the boss. If successful, the kids can rescue Tom's buddies and unlock a new friend.


Overall, Talking Tom Hero Dash is excellent. Games will teach your children to be brave, righteous and to cherish friendship. There will also be a sense of achievement after defeating the boss. If you're looking for a worthwhile and meaningful parkour game for your kids, Talking Tom Hero Rush is worth your download.

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