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Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go! is the seventh time management game in Papa Louie's restaurant management series. It was released by Flipline Studios on November 19, 2012.


Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go begins with players lining up to buy season tickets to watch a baseball game. The gentleman in front of you bought all the tickets and there was no admission to your left. Players will notice there is a job working at a hot dog stand and walk right into the job. The game starts with an easy-to-follow tutorial that shows players how to cook a dog, add condiments, and add important necessities like drinks and popcorn. After the player sees this, the player can start making hot dogs in their own way.


The difficulty starts to increase after a level or two of the game as the game will start adding new ingredients. Players end up with over 20 different toppings sprinkled on top of the hot dog as players pour drinks, fill popcorn, and satisfy customers at the same time. Trying to handle everything late in the game can almost get stressful. After the player has served each customer, they will give you a rating explaining how the player performed on each part of the hot dog and tip you accordingly. All these tricks add up on payday, leaving players feeling accomplished.


In the world of Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go, the player's salary will be used to repair the shop and make all of the player's customers a better wait. Players don't underestimate buying items for your store. They will significantly alter your score and thus your cues. At the end of each game, players can choose to participate in a mini-game and delight customers with tickets earned that day. This is a great way to get items for free.


Overall, Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go was a lot of fun. Players should not miss this creative cooking game. It will bring you a whole new gaming experience.

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