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Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go is a fun entry in Flipline Studio's series of food cooking and time management games. In this game, first there will be a nice tutorial to help your kids get started, but then the kids will be alone with the trouble of making food and experiencing the restaurant. Your kids will then start with minimal food choices, including basic hot dogs and buns, some condiments, and an appetizer drink of Fizzo and popcorn.


After the kids have finished their restaurant orders, the customers will go to the waiting line, your kids will first put the hot dog on the grill, after waiting for a while, it will be fully cooked before flipping it to uncooked one side. Once it reaches the green line, plus if you are fully cooked on both sides, then you take it to the seasoning station. The seasoning station is where the kids add all the seasoning to customer orders but be sure to add it in the correct order and evenly coat the hot dogs. When it's done, the kids are going to send it to the drink and sides ordering station, where the kids need to fill their drink and sides with the correct size order, place it on a tray, and finally hand it over to the customer. Customers will look at it and give your kids a score based on all the sites and the wait time they take. A good order will give you a better hint, and a star, and when all 5 stars are given, the children's characters will level up and give their orders faster.


Kids will use the funds to buy upgrades and decorations for your store, and upgrades are great for fulfilling orders better. They can buy matching items in the store and place them in the waiting area for waiting time rewards. In addition, kids can use the money you get to buy clothing options for your characters, which will better please customers.


Kids can also use the tickets to play mini games for more prizes. Games are varied such as pitching, hitting, stacking giant burgers, hide and seek. These games are fun and getting rewards through them can be a big help for decorating your kids' store more.


Overall, Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go is a great game to kill boredom, and throughout the game your kids will learn the basic concepts of cooking delicious hot dogs. If your kids plan to start such a business in the future, they can get an idea from playing with it. The game is very dynamic and fun to play. It's worth downloading for parents.

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