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Do you want to experience a cooking game with a beautiful environment and explore creative cooking methods? Papa’s Pastaria To Go is set in a beautiful seaside town, and you are the head of a pastaria restaurant. After customers order in the restaurant, you will cook and stir the noodles according to the customer's needs, and pour the delicious sauce to make a perfect plate of pasta! And add shakers and ingredients to each pasta, and finally Serve with freshly baked bread. What’s more, the restaurant will innovate sensational delicacies as the seasons' change, and then you can unlock brand-new recipes for your shop.


If you like business games, this game can satisfy your passion for work. In this game, you can earn rewards in various ways. For example, you can take phone orders, hire drivers to deliver orders, which can make you earn more rewards. You can also launch coupon campaigns to entice customers to spend more money. If you're a girl loving beautification games, you can customize the workers' outfits to your liking in this game, and you can also dress up the shop with your favorite styles according to the holiday theme.


All in all, it's a great game with various functions. Papa’s Pastaria To Go not only has well-designed scenes in a romantic seaside style but also has rich and interesting content. Moreover, the game is innovative, which means you can explore game rewards in your own way and develop your own business model. This keeps the game interesting for a long time. And as the festival changes, you will also have a new gaming experience for different festival activities. At the same time, various mini-games are set up in Papa’s Pastaria To Go for you to earn rewards, which also adds to the fun.

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