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Craft Island is just like a touch of the open world genre, where you're given a huge island to explore and craft. The game features an easy-to-learn crafting system and lets players design their own blocks without any limitations. These blocks can then be used for building, trading off material for other blocks, or even to send off into the void in search of materials. There are no levels nor progression systems in this game — it’s up to each player how they want their experience to go.


A video game that lays its foundation on building, crafting and exploration, Craft Island is sure to spark your curiosity. Try things out on your own or start a multiplayer session with friends; you’ll never run out of things to do. It’s easy planting and crafting model. Tons of blocks for you to craft or trade for based on the type of material you've collected. Creative mode, where you can build without any rules or limits. You will be safe from attacks and invasions from others in creative mode. No restrictions on where you can build or how you want to craft your blocks. You can even trade with others for materials. No cumbersome systems to slow you down; simply collect materials, craft blocks, and build to your heart's content.


Craft Island takes place on a huge, unexplored island where plant life of the world has been brought together. With 10 different zones, each with a different theme and set of flora, there’s lots of variety in your adventure as you try to unearth all that the island has to offer. The world of Craft Island is an overgrown forest in need of a little care and attention. So, you set out to build up the island, clearing away trees, vines, and other foliage that could give off negative effects to the world’s flora. By creating pathways and pathways through plant life, you can easily access the rest of the land and find your materials. Once planted, these seeds will bloom over time and provide materials as well as food for you.

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