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Papa's Pastaria To Go! is a management simulation game released by Flipline Studios on June 15, 2020. The goal of this game is similar to other Flipline games where your kids have to follow the ingredients, they want to put into Pastaria in order to get a lot of cues from clients. The children's work is only focused on the restaurant. Here your kids will make delicious pies for your old and new customers. If they're happy with what the kids are doing, they'll rate the kids' product and give the player a good tip. The game is not difficult to play and will give your child a fun and relaxing feeling.


In Papa's Pastaria To Go, it would be fun if kids could design their own way of serving to save time and serve their customers efficiently. Keeping kids’ customers waiting too long in the lobby is a very bad situation. But it's definitely worth it for the kids to serve their customers. If your kids are doing well enough, and if their clients are satisfied with their services, the kids will be rewarded handsomely. Therefore, it is very important for your kids to keep customers happy all the time. This is the only way for kids to earn more points and level up quickly. Kids will unlock new things as you level up. The store will have a great reputation thanks to the efforts of the kids. And parents are advised to assist their children in spending some money to upgrade and decorate their dining room. Doing so is a profitable investment for them. If your kids can provide a comfortable environment for your clients, more clients will be attracted.


The graphics of Papa's Pastaria To Go! work well on mobile devices. Its graphics are perfect for the genre as everything is very cartoony. The game is full of interesting animations, which is an important attraction for children's interests. If the player is running the game on an optimized smartphone, there will be absolutely no stuttering or stuttering when playing the game. In terms of optimization, the game didn't miss a single corner. The interface is also very rich and user-friendly, and kids won't be confused by what's going on in front of them. In addition, the music effect of the game also maintains a very comfortable atmosphere. It is suitable for children to concentrate on work while calming their minds that may be irritable at any time.


In the store, your kids can also buy upgrades to help you keep up with your customers. All of these can be purchased with a tip. Overall, it's a very fun and relaxing game. Although the controls of this game are very simple, the content is very rich. Your kids can't do everything in minutes. Your kids have 130 customers to unlock with unique orders. So, kids won't get bored. If your kids can get all the hundreds of in-game wins, it will give your kids a sense of accomplishment and will be part of their happy memories. So, download it now.

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