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If you love cooking and decorating games, Papa’s Taco Mia To Go will meet your taste. Papa’s Taco Mia To Go is a popular and interesting cooking game with the decoration factor, which attracts many girls for fun. And it provides new controls for smaller screens, which is more suitable for girls to work just right in small palms. In this game, you will own yourself a taco shop where four areas are prepared for multitasks. The first area is Oder Station where your funny customers order meals in the lobby. And the Grill Station is a cooking palace for flipping and cutting meats before pouring them into taco shells. The third one is Build Station, you can choose various toppings for delicious tacos. Chip Station is the last area for preparing chips and tasty salsa or dip for customers. During these four stages, you can experience the virtual taco-crafting process with dragging, swiping and tapping on your controls.


Papa’s Taco Mia To Go can not only meet your cooking interest but also offer the decorations for your taco shop. On the one hand, it sets conditions for upgrading, and you will earn more points and unlock new recipes. You can obtain various cookbooks as your level rises and run a successful taco shop. On other hand, you can buy furniture you like to make your shop beautiful. Most girls, like decorating games and they, are willing to design the shop with their ideas through lovely items. And when your level rises, you can unlock and choose more furniture and posters to decorate your taco shop. Therefore, you can enjoy the cooking process, business management and decoration at the same time, which will provide a wonderful game experience for you in various ways.

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