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Papa's Taco Mia To Go isn't a difficult game, and it has a tutorial that will teach your kids everything they need to know while playing. The kids only need to focus on a few sites in the game, as the kids' work will only revolve around those sites, and the kids will be the only ones managing them. Children first need to go to the order station to take orders from their customers in the lobby. In the second step, the kids switch to the grill station to cook, flip, and cut the meat before pouring them into the Taco shells. In the third step, your kids will move to the crafting station and add various toppings to their delicious fried taco. Finally, kids will hop over to the chip station to fill a basket with chips, and then choose a delicious salsa or dip to complete the meal. Each site will be a hands-on experience, where players need to drag, swipe, and tap to explode the Taco-making process.


When making taco, kids should also consider cooking and prep time for the tortilla. The kids also make Taco to their liking for great tips, which they can then use to shop for restaurant decorations and upgrades.


Papa's Taco Mia To Go is mesmerizing and a great pastime for kids playing on a small screen monitor. Visual and sound effects are well used throughout the game. It also offers fun mini-puzzle games where kids can get extra rewards. Here, kids will learn the basic concepts of delicious cooking taco. If your kids want to make a real Taco, they can get an idea from playing with it. The game is very dynamic and fun.


This is an educational app for kids who want to develop or discover their culinary talents. It serves as their virtual chef training course. It will also improve children's time management, as children will supervise all workflows. As a parent, you won't regret buying this app for your kids, Papa's Taco Mia To Go will teach them to cook or bake, which is fun too. Download this game now for your kids to play and learn.

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