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SpongeBob SquarePants BfBB has a very long full name: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, which corresponds to its long history. This game is actually a remake of a game released almost 20 years ago, which was based on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. This mobile version was released in 2020 by the same developer Purple Lamp Studios. Since it is a remake, existing reviews inevitably compare it to the previous version. However, this is not the main point of this review. This game can be attractive for first-time players because of its beautiful graphics and nicely set storylines, and it has a user-friendly tutorial.


If you are new to this game, don’t miss the tutorial. This game has an independent tutorial, so you can go back to play it again. The tutorial is well designed, and it gives you a taste of the interactive-film style of this game, in which you watch the plots, follow the guidelines indicated by the conversations and complete your tasks. The goal of the tutorial is to make you familiar with the elements in the game. For example, you will learn how to navigate the environment, jump and attack, and interact with specific items. Also, you will learn to identify important items, such as shiny objects, which are a kind of currency in this game, or tikis and robots, which may harm SpongeBob and cause a loss of a piece of underwear (a symbol of health points). After collecting some Golden Spatulas, you are ready to unlock new areas.


You have a bunch of new areas to explore, such as Jellyfish field, Downtown, Goo Lagoon, and many more. As you explore more, there will be more surprises. For example, in the Jellyfish field, you can play as Patrick, but if you want to switch back to SpongeBob, you need to find a bus stop. Also, you will learn more bubble movements to help with your navigation. For instance, you can become a submarine at some point along the journey, The whole setting of this game is relaxing, and the conversations are funny. If you love adventure games without much violence, this game is right for you!

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