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First introduced on December 2nd, 2019, Papa’s Bakeria To Go! is the 12th installment of Papa Louie’s restaurant management game series by US independent game development studio Flipline. In this role-playing game, you will serve as a pie maker at Papa's Bakeria pie shop and experience the complete process from order-taking to pie-making. A score will be assigned based on how perfectly your pie meets the requirements of the customer. With higher scores, you can unlock new ingredients and more outfits for customers as well as special holiday features. The pie-making process in the game is very much detailed and follows exactly every step required to make a pie in a real pie shop. Start with choosing the correct pie crust, you will then need to put down the filling by dragging the proper ingredient into the base. Some customers require top crust while some don’t. Be sure to center the pie perfectly before dropping the crust. Then comes pie-baking—you need to carefully watch out for the bake meter to avoid a burnt pie, which will minus your score. The final step is all about topping, topper, whipped creams, and syrups. Carefully follow what you have recorded on the order ticket and pick up proper gradients and place them in the correct position in the manner that the customer requested. Now everything is done! Deliver the pie and see how people like it and what score you will receive. Customers will show satisfaction if their requirements are 100% fulfilled, which will offer you a sense of achievement. You can also try those mini-games when you feel a bit tired of the repetitive pie-making job. Mini-games are also loads of fun and can help you collect stickers and other rewards. As you unlock more gradients and customers, pie-making can be quite complicated, and it will be more difficult to get a high score than at a lower level.

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