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Papa's Pizzeria To Go! is a resource management game published by Flipline Studios. The game requires players to tap various hotspots to make and deliver food to customers, and at the same time, the game gives it a more personal feel. The basics of the game are simple, players simply swap between four stations, each of which is an important part of the pizza-making process.


First, at the order station. Players will take orders here as customers approach the counter. Then there is The Topping Station. Once the player has customers or orders lined up, the player can go here to prepare the pizza. Toppings are easy. Players simply drag and drop various toppings onto the pizza according to the customer's specifications. But that's where some tricky things come in. The player's client must decide not only what ingredients he wants, but also where they should be placed. For the best pizza, the player's toppings need to be roughly evenly distributed around the area of the pizza he wants toppings. The third is the baking station. Once the toppings are done, players can send the pizza directly to the oven for cooking. When the pizza has been baked for the appropriate time, the player can take it out. Lastly is the cutting station. Players deliver pizza directly here after taking it out of the oven. By drawing lines from one end of the pizza to the other, players can cut it into small pieces according to the customer's request to cut it. Then, when the player is satisfied, the player can complete the pizza and send it to the customer. The player's performance at each station directly determines the score the customer awards you when the toy hands him the pizza, or rather, how much the tip is.


Papa's Pizzeria To Go! also has a major time management element. From the moment the player takes the pizza out of the oven, the player is effectively locked into the cutting and serving process. It takes time. Maybe it took too long if any other pizzas in the oven were ready to come out. To help balance the time it takes to serve the pizza and the time it takes to put the pizza in the oven, after topping the pizza, players have the option to save it for later.


Overall, Papa's Pizzeria To Go! is a skill-based challenge. The skill with which the player handles the various stops not only affects your tip, but also determines how quickly the player completes the pizza itself. The presence of these skill-based challenges really fleshes out the game, beyond a simple challenge of what and when to click. Papa's Pizzeria To Go! has great graphics and delightful music, which makes this game a great one. Download it now and try it out.

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