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In Papa's Pizzeria To Go, your kids can experience the everyday life of a pizza baker. Here, they must take on various tasks such as toppings, baking or cutting pizzas. Papa's Pizzeria To Go! is a time management and business strategy game released by Flipline Studios. The game will give your kids an exciting insight into the daily life of a pizza baker. On pizza, bake just right, then cut pizza into bite-sized pieces. With many impatient and critical clients waiting for the kids, the kids had to work very quickly and accurately. If kids make pizza correctly and serve it well to customers, there are tips that can beautify your store. Level up, unlock new toppings and customers, and make the kids' store the city's favorite pizza place.


In Papa's Pizzeria To Go, your kids will lead a small pizzeria where kids have to take on all the tasks. For example, you have to pick up a customer's order at the ordering station, cover the pizza with the desired toppings at the top station, and put it in the oven at the baking station. In Papa's Pizzeria To Go, your kids can use many different ingredients to make pizza. In total, they can unlock 26 ingredients such as salami, ham, onion or paprika. Kids need to keep their customers happy. Since kids often must deal with particularly critical or impatient customers in pizza parlors, kids must prepare pizza very quickly and accurately. The more satisfied Kids' customers are, the more points they earn. With more points, kids can easily level up and unlock new tops or clients. Plus, well-prepared pizza can earn mice tips that kids can use to decorate your store. If your kids have collected enough hints, you can buy new decorations in the store and beautify your store. In total there are more than 140 different items such as posters or furniture.


Papa's Pizzeria To Go is especially suitable for the small screens of smartphones and tablets. Your kids can easily control it with their thumbs throughout the game. Overall, Papa's Pizzeria To Go works very well. It's worth buying if your kids ever enjoyed playing this series of games. Papa's Pizzeria To Go is so much fun for kids who just want some casual and not too serious games. It's worth downloading for your kids.

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