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Papa's Wingeria is a strategy game published by Flipline Studios for iOS and Android. In Papa's Wingeria, the player's fingers are the only controls needed to run this game. In fact, it is very convenient to control it with your thumb. Players can switch just by using the buttons in the corners of the screen. Papa's Wingeria is designed in a perfect way to allow you to control them with your thumb. You can also quickly view your order using the buttons in the upper corner of the screen.


In the game, the player is set to manage four stations, the order station in the lobby, and the fry, sauce, and build stations in the kitchen. The basic rule of thumb for the player in the kitchen should be "fry them, sauce them, toss them, and plate them”. Players at the fryer station can use the thumb click and drag method to determine how many items you put into the fryer at one time. Players can also monitor the doneness of the wings via the green bar to the left of each fry basket. At the sauce station, players need to make sure that the correct amount of sauce is added to the equal amount of chicken wings you need to prepare, and then try to tap at the right time during the mixing process to ensure the best sauce coverage. Players need to pay close attention to your presentation when they arrive at the build station.


In the game, players need to do their best to keep customers happy, because customer satisfaction is also equal to customer loyalty. The more consistent players are with your food and efficiency, the direct impact customers are on tipping habits. As players earn more money, players will be able to purchase upgrades for your restaurant. This will increase the efficiency of players and thus increase your wallet. In addition, each player has a chance to win golden tickets, which can be used to play mini games, change clothes for employees, and put posters in the restaurant lobby. Not only to decorate the environment, but also to have an impact on the player's clientele. In addition, the game allows players to dress up your character however they want. Players can take a virtual photo of your character and optionally save it.


Papa's Wingeria is hiring. It expects a new player to join. Only your mastery of time management and the dexterity of your thumb will make you an advanced player at Papa's Wingeria. Although the controls of this game are very simple, the content is very rich. Download to join the restaurant at Papa's Wingeria. Papa's entire franchise has proven that it has staying power as a gaming franchise, and this game is worth your while.

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