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Papa’s Burgeria To Go, released in 2013, is the first game in the To Go game series published by Flipline Studios. It is also the first To Go game that is available for smartphones. The story starts with a boy Martin who won a lottery ticket and became in charge of this burger house in the Papa Louise universe. Now, you play as Martin, and your task is to make gorgeous burgers to amaze your picky but friendly customers. Papa’s Burgeria To Go is the only To Go version with three operation stations, including the Order station, the Grill station, and the Build station. It is a multitasking game, so you need to move back and forth to take orders, cook the patties, and add various toppings.


This game is still top-rated nowadays; people are obsessed with making burgers with Papa’s Burgeria To Go. If you are interested in multitasking restaurant management games, this game is a perfect start because it is not as challenging as its following games. There are three essential points to making an incredible burger. First, you need to take the customer’s order as soon as possible. Next, you need to make sure your meat is grilled just right. Finally, you encounter the most challenging part: making sure that the toppings are beautifully lined up together.


Customers in the Papa Louise universe have names and characters, and this game is no exception. This may be one of the reasons why the series is so enduring. Players may develop their own preferences for some specific customers. For example, some players may love Chuck (he becomes the worker at Papa’s Wingeria) because he likes to order plain cheeseburgers. There are closers in this game. A specific closer will drop by each day. They are very picky, so you need to be more careful when handling your meat and toppings. As you level up, your customers will be more generous, and thus you can get more tips by serving a burger of 100% quality. If your customers are satisfied, they will become the star customer, and you can earn rewards.


This game is suitable for playing at leisure by yourself. The only downside is that you might be tempted to keep playing later series, which might not be very friendly to your wallet. But this game is a one-time purchase, so you don’t need to spend money all the time.

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