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Papa's Burgeria To Go! is a Strategy game released by Flipline Studios in December 2010, it supports iOS and Android systems. Players can download it in the Apple Store and Google Play.


Papa's Burgeria To Go! is a game in the Papa's restaurant management game series. Players will oversee Papa Louie's famous burger joint, where players will learn to take orders, bake patties, add toppings, and serve burgers to all the crazy customers. Players will need to multitask between each area of the restaurant and use new controls that feel just right, like going to the order station and keeping an eye out for customers waiting in the lobby. Then, switch to the grill, drag the patties onto the grill, and flip the burgers so they cook evenly. Immediately after, hop over to the crafting station, make sandwiches with toppings and sauces just the way they ordered, and deliver the finished burger for points and tips.


Papa's Burgeria will walk players through the basics of flipping burgers and earning money. Take the player's first order and follow the on-screen instructions. Players will first take orders and fry patties, then finalize the burger with tomatoes, onions, sauces, seed buns, and other prized burger toppings. As the level progresses, players will be introduced to new customers with more complex orders. Also, the number of customers will increase. This means players need to balance your responsibilities and know the timing to get the best scores and tips from clients.


Overall, Pope's Burgeria To Go is a decent game. It provides a great experience for players. It's fun and simple to use compared to other games. If the player is running the game on a fairly optimized smartphone, there will be absolutely no stuttering or stuttering when playing the game. I think this game will get better if it keeps steady updates. All in all, it's a time management game worth downloading.

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