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Released in 2021, Papa’s Mocharia To Go is the fifteenth in the To Go game series published by Flipline Studios. In this completely new coffee shop in the town of New Pepperton, you are going to make tasty coffee drinks -- Papaccinos. Are you going to be a star barista? Play the game and find out! Every customer in this coffeehouse is creative. They will order a variety of Papaccinos made of different bases, toppings and sides. After each day of business, you may unlock new customers, who will probably come the next day, and new ingredients, which customers will order the next day.


This game is more challenging compared to the previous games in the same series, although it seems easier to get higher points at the beginning. You can feel the challenges when you hear the order bell ring while you are paying 100% percent attention to your brewing milk or coffee. This is when you need to multitask and finish several orders at the same time. The tip is to switch stations often (pay special attention to the brew station) to make sure that your beverage is not boiled. Most of your customers are not picky, but there are closers, who are tough graders when they evaluate their orders. The good news is that you can review score details, in which reasons that you got a particular score will be listed. This sounds like a homework assignment at school, but it is very helpful if you want to improve your skills.


Another feature of Papa’s Mocharia To Go is mini-games where you can win clothes and decorations. After each business day, you have the opportunity to play one of many mini-games three times. For example, you may be asked to shoot a certain number of cute monsters or play a slide game. If you successfully complete the goal, you will be rewarded with some posters, outfits, and store decorations. Papa’s Mocharia To Go is undoubtedly more challenging but more exciting. You will find this game attractive whether you are new to this series or an old fan of it.

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