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Lily’s Garden is a highly addictive, match-3 blast game where you renovate Lily’s great-aunt’s garden to its former glory. Complete challenging puzzles by matching flowers, restoring the garden areas, playing with themed boosters, and much more! This is a really simple and pleasant game that will allow you to interact with the garden while also allowing you to walk about freely without being restricted by the form of a smartphone or tablet.


The goal of Lily’s Garden is to restore Lily’s great-aunt’s garden to its former glory by matching flowers as you complete challenging puzzle levels. In each level, you can restore one of the 4 areas in the garden - Flowers, Watering Can, Flower Pot & Hedge - by collecting clusters of flowers. You collect clusters of flowers by completing match-3 chains in the color grid. As you complete 3, 4 or 5 clusters in a row to achieve a full row of flowers, you earn a number of bonus gems. The more flowers you collect in one single match-3 chain, the more bonus gems you earn!


 As a player, you can use your roses to earn bonus points and play special boosters such as the Lollipop - which will double your multiplier for 1 match-3 chain. The Lollipop is great if two pieces form a line and if the first piece is made up of 2 flowers. You can boost your score even further by playing with Lily’s boosters such as her Lucky Flowers which doubles your score at the start of each level. Play 100 levels of Lily’s Garden to unlock the game’s 3 chapters and 4 huge levels. In the 4th level, you can unlock a romantic love story about Lily and her love interest - the gardener! Additionally, you can use special stickers to decorate your garden with special effects such as a supercharged boost when two roses match so you may earn precious gems even faster! Let’s play.

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