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Genshin Impact is a 3D role-playing adventure game developed by miHoYo, a Chinese game developer founded in 2012 but got famous after releasing Genshin Impact in 2020. It is an anime-style game with an open world. If you are new to this game, the first thing that can catch your eyes is the fantastic graphics, which will make you feel like you are playing in a well-crafted anime. If you are from an English-speaking country, this exotic style can be appealing.


If we need to summarize this game somehow, that might be killing enemies and exploring the world. The game is set in the land of Teyvat, which consists of seven nations with different ruling gods, who are called Archons in the game. These gods also correspond to the seven elements that each character has. You play as one of a pair of twins, and your goal is to find your missing sibling. Along the journey, you are involved in nation wars, meet friends that can fight with you, and explore the land.


I have to say that this game is not very friendly for beginners. Although it has a well-designed storyline, it is a bit complicated. As a beginner, you may get lost in the plots and operations and simply forget your goal. Also, there are many characters with different properties that you can play with. But it may take some time for you to get familiar with even one character. It is more challenging that the essence of this game is to fight as a team of four with different specialties to work together, earn experience points, and level up. What’s more, the elemental properties of the characters can interact with each other to form elemental resonance. So, a proper combination of characters in a team can undoubtedly increase damage to enemies.


There are tons of things to explore in Genshin Impact. If you are attracted to its graphics and themes, you can download this game for free. But there are in-app purchasing choices, which could probably help you achieve the goal a little bit faster.

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