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This game is not to be missed if you enjoy scrumptious chicken wings. You will win the jackpot in the Mega Prize game in this virtual world after winning a spectacular and intriguing trip to Starlight City: create a new shop at Papa's Wingeria! A restaurant known for its amazing chicken wings, and there are also other meats on the menu, as well as a variety of tasty sauces and a variety of dishes and dips. Toss the chicken wings into various flavored sauces after opening the fryer. Throughout the year, Starlight City celebrates various festivals, so get ready to try some new festive sauces. The feature of this game is arranging fried food and dipping sauces; the traditional hands-on series is back, but this time you'll focus on presentation and where to best place all of the food. Learn how to make a variety of food presentations, how to acquire the highest customer rating, and how to get prizes to improve your store.


There are numerous festivals throughout the game. Your job is to provide fresh festive flavors to Starlight City to celebrate the season! Your guests are going to request a plate of chicken wings along with some new seasonal additions. Every year, you'll provide fresh sauces, sides, and dips for the holidays, and your customers will enjoy trying out new flavors. Furthermore, your customers will provide you with special recipes, each of which comes with a reward that you can earn by presenting the best example of that recipe. You can also customize your workforce by performing as Chuck or Mandy, or by creating your own unique character. You can also dress the personnel in festival-appropriate attire. Choose from a wide range of color combinations for each clothing and design your own look with millions of possibilities! Customers can call in to place their meal orders, and you'll employ a driver to help you take and deliver orders to their houses! In addition, you can earn colorful stickers for your collection by completing various activities and objectives in the game.


Anyone who enjoys cooking and decorating is invited to participate in this fantastic game! You can have a good time cooking and decorating here, as well as dressing up your store, customizing the lobby and furniture for the festival for lengthening customer wait times. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Join us right now!

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