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Papa's Pizzeria To Go! is the third installment of Papa Louie's restaurant management game series. The game was officially released in September 2014 by the American-based Flash game development company Flipline Studios. The Player will act as a pizza baker and be in charge of full management of a hands-on pizza restaurant in the Papa Louie universe. There are a male character and a female one available for players to choose from. Players will experience the full process from order-taking, topping, baking, cutting, and delivering. Carefully record what your customers request, add a variety of toppings to each pizza, cook the pizza in the oven until just right, and cut the pizza into slices so it can be better served. Deliver the pizza to your customer and see how they like it and what score you will get. Your score is based on how perfectly your pizza meets a request from the customer. As you proceed level by level, more topping, outfits and different customers will be unlocked, which can be loads of fun. Use in-game tips to release your creativity to buy new furniture and posters or other upgrades to decorate your lobby. There is also a lobby editor which you can use to change the layout of your lobby. There are 75 in-game achievements to be unlocked so you will never get bored until you finish them all.


As your rank gets higher, you will receive unique orders, unlock special ingredients, and meet very picky customers or even critics. But more difficulties always mean more fun. The game is not just moving your finger, every step of pizza making is hands-on, and the game offers you with a real scenario of running a real restaurant. Unlock a sense of achievement when you see a big smile on your customer’s face because you serve them exactly what they order.

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