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Officially introduced in 2018, Among Us! is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed by American game publisher Innersloth. Each player is set to be a lovely cartoon astronaut in different colors in the game. Four to fifteen players will be grouped together in the game, and up to three players among which will be randomly and secretly chosen to be an imposter(s) each round. The aim of imposters is to kill other crewmates to the point that both sides are equal in numbers, or cause damage to critical systems—either way, will lock the winner's place. The “Justice” side wins by either identifying or voting off all imposters or by completing all tasks. After onboarding the spaceship, all astronauts are assigned mini-games or puzzles, and by completing these games, players are doing maintenance work such as fixing vital systems and downloading important data to operate the spaceship. However, players assigned as imposters are not able to really do any maintenance work and they must pretend that they are doing it. Imposters should never forget that their real objective is to kill crew members when standing nearby or destroy key equipment. Imposters should never be witnessed when killing other crew members, and they are assigned the special power to travel through ventilation. The “Justice” side can identify imposters by looking up the surveillance system which cannot be sabotaged or faked by imposters. Once a dead body is identified, living players may call up a group meeting to discuss and vote on who might be the killer. During the meeting, any players can bring up every available evidence or reasonable doubt to prove their thoughts. Innocents may be voted off if imposters successfully fool other crew members. If you are killed or voted off, don’t worry that you lose the game, you will still be part of the game as a ghost and help your side to win the game.

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