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My Talking Tom Friends is a virtual pet app developed by Slovenian video game developer Outfit7. The game is issued globally in June 2020. Unlike other petting games, you will take care of six friends all at once. Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca are living in the same house and you’re the mother to all six lovely babies. Each of the six has different characters and looks. Tom is a grey Tabby cat with long whiskers and a stripy long tail. Ben is a tan dog and is always considered a genius or nerd. Angela is a charming and beautiful white cat with blue eyes. Hank is a white dog with blue ears and is always in a seaside-style T-shirt, and he is portrayed as an individual who has trouble getting jokes from his friends or has a delayed reaction. Ginger is an orange cat who is very playful and always encourages others to play instead of work. Becca is a bunny with purple and black hair and is kind of mean and sometimes insults friends in an unpolite way. And Roy is a brown raccoon with a black eye marking and is a sneaky guy. It’s like the classic drama “Friends” where you have six friends living together with a totally way of talking and interacting with others which is loads of fun.


Feed, bathe, play and take care of all six and see how they interact with each other. Unlock more outfits in the closet and hold a fashion show. Use coins to buy the latest food and sometimes wacky food and see how your pets react after eating it. Discover sporty outdoor activities and play with your friends and enjoy great fun. And if you feel a bit bored or want to run away a little bit, try those entertaining mini-games and unlock surprises.

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