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Officially released in 2020, Beatstar is a music game developed by UK-based game developer Space Ape Games. Touch your favorite music by tapping and swiping every note to win and try to catch every beat. Focus on the music and follow the rhythm to move your finger. Songs are not just instrumental music but hot songs with beautiful vocals that are hit today so players will feel easier to catch the note if they are familiar with the song. The game has a big inventory of songs, and the developer has kept adding new songs to it. Songs are from different genres, and one amazing thing about this game is that players can decide the genres of songs that they will play next. Collect cards to unlock more songs from your favorite genres no matter it is pop or alternative or rock. Players can also create a list of their favorite music and the songs they will meet next are partially affected by the list and this is unusual in music games. No worry if you are not familiar with the song that you are playing, there are five different levels from easy to difficult, and players will pass them one by one. Practice on easy mode and get more skillful when difficult mode. Easy mode is friendly to start, and difficult mode is still very fair to play. Most of the songs in the game last as long as two minutes meaning that the game will end before players get tired of moving fingers through the same song.    


The game is also a great social platform as players are allowed to share new music with friends and encourage them to beat their scores. Never feel alone playing the game as players can play challenges and climb all the way up on the leaderboard and compete with players from all over the world.

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