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Initially introduced in 2021, Smash Colors 3D is a music game developed by Hong Kong-based Badsnowball Limited. Listen to your favorite music and control a colorful ball and drag it to smash the circle with the same color. To get a high score, follow the rhythm and do not miss any circle, and always avoid the different colors. The ball may change color at any time so make sure you always pay attention and react in a timely manner. Unlike other music games where most of the time players just need to pass what they hear to your finger. In this game, your ears are listening to the beat, your eyes are focusing on the change of color of both the ball of the circles, and your fingers are swiping when it’s time, but more difficulties always mean more fun.


The game is so easy to start but you need to practice getting a combo or high score. One mishit means you fail the game and have to start all over again. But the game is designed fairly that the beats match up accurately even you add your favorite songs. The UI design is also great and astonishing that the circles run fast to players as you are really advancing in the space. The tail of the ball is also beautiful and is just like a meteor flashing in the sky. Together with the pleasant music, the game offers players a strong feeling of immersion and is loads of fun.


Share the music with your friend and compete with him or her and unlock more fun. The game has a large inventory of music from multiple genres and the developer has kept on adding new music very fast so you will never get bored and can always unlock songs that you never played before.

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