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This is a great game that mixes puzzles and home decor into one package. In this game, you'll have to learn how to decorate your home and solve puzzles as you progress. In this entertaining match-3 game, you must match pillows to decorate your home! In order to adorn your house, you must match pillows, and the game provides astonishing combinations of boosters and enhancers to help you out! In addition, you can piece together concealed things to match the game's theme. Character interactions in the game reveal secrets about the characters' pasts. And discover hidden sections that contain dozens of rooms and thousands of DIY decorations that are just waiting for you to discover them all.


Developing your interior design talents will also be necessary, as will enhancing and protecting your new home from a mischievous cousin. As a role-playing adventure game, it is your task to unravel the adventure and fascinating storyline with the assistance of your buddy Tiffany, funny characters and a home cat or pet dog. Good luck! It is possible to continue the adventure story and unlock additional rooms while also uncovering hidden secrets that will allow you to find more game storylines in this virtual environment. You can also spy on your neighbors to see how their decorative designs stack up against one another, which can aid you in solving challenges that you encounter. In addition, you can utilize your design abilities to personalize your mansion and garden to reflect your own personal taste and style. At the same time, by unlocking hidden sections, you will be able to enhance the appearance of each space with more fascinating decorations. Are you up to the task of solving this difficult connect-and-match puzzle?


This game is both imaginative and adaptable. In this entertaining environment, you can solve puzzles, go on adventures, and even decorate your home. This game will keep you occupied in your otherwise monotonous surroundings. At the same time, this game has the potential to provide you with hours of entertainment, stress relief, and relaxation.

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