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If you like designing and renovating rooms and are obsessed with crosswords, Design My Home is just the right game for you. This game is very straightforward and easy to play. There are no thrilling plots, and your goal is to help clients renovate, fix, or plan their rooms. But you need some coins to make purchases. How to get coins? Playing crosswords!


The essence of this game lies in those crosswords. The crosswords are not as easy as you expect; they could be challenging as you level up. Unlike traditional crosswords games, where you can see a definition of each word and the initial letter, in Design My Home, you need to guess what words will be on the board. There is a pad at the lower right corner of the screen. You start with three letters and gradually level up. What you need to do is to link each letter to form a word. If the word is on the board, then it will be moved to the display. If the word is not on the board, then it counts as bonus points. Sometimes you may forget that this is a design game but instead being absorbed in those crosswords!


Let’s go back and talk about designs. You have an opportunity to design multiple rooms, such as study rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and swimming pools. You will meet clients with different personalities as you level up, so don’t forget to read the dialogues. If clients are impressed, they will give you some gifts, such as diamonds and rockets. You can use them to explore more about the word puzzles and find some hidden words or give you a head start. During the renovation, you don’t need to worry about designing from scratch because there are some upgrading options for each piece of furniture. What you need to do is to click on the ones that hit your heart and get enough coins to purchase them. The graphic is high-quality, so you can appreciate those designs, which could possibly inspire your own room design.

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